Black Goddess Book Preview

About the Author

Keith D. Young is a native Detroit resident who is among other things, an author, educator and artist.

Keith is a graduate of Cass Tech High School (1994), and a former Detroit Police Officer (2001-2009).

After a successful 3 years as a patrol officer, Keith earned a position into the Executive Protection Unit for the Mayor of the City of Detroit, then Kwame Kilpatrick – which, for Keith, was an accomplishment that turned out to be bittersweet.

After the fallout from the Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick scandal that rocked the nation and unsettled many young people of color that thought they had made some progress in the world – the scandal and certain other political realities, illuminated for Keith, a still existent system of racism and oppression, still a major problem in many non-white American communities.

Keith decided to follow his heart and his conscious away from law enforcement, he’d made up his mind to become an entrepreneur and a community educator.

Keith offers community lecture presentations and workshops at various local and national venues, including schools, non-profits and independent grassroots organizations. He teaches topics which include pre-colonial “black” history, self-improvement, and art.

About the Book

Black Goddess: Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine is a fully illustrated coffee table style book is made up of a collection of essays, illustrations, anecdotes, poetry, myth and magic!

The book has the ambition of awakening women to their inner power and potential by sharing a unique vision of the myth and magic of the black matriarchal past. A past when Titans ruled and Giants walked the Earth. An Earth full of magical lands, undersea empires and cities in the clouds. This was a time when mermaids and sirens swam the seas, and nymphs and faery alike ran wild through emerald forests leaves.